24 December, 2008

We’re READY, and we’re SERIOUS - says General Kiyani

General Rtd. Aslam Baig has said that US General Mullen is pressing our authorities to allow India to hit certain targets, keeping silent and indifferent to the situation as they have been doing in case of US attacks, which he believes, will cool down India and diffuse tensions between the two countries.

“I don’t think that conscientious Pakistani nation and brave armed forces of Pakistan will accept such a situation. This will be shameful and render Pakistan submission to India,” the retired General said.
He called upon the rulers to explain their position in this regard. He said that the US was after ridiculing the sovereignty of Pakistan only to please India and Mullen had come with a dangerous message.

UPDATE: Reports coming in from variuos sources suggest that COAS Kiyani yesterday made it clear that regardless of how the civilan government chooses to respond to the US request to allow Indian ’surgical strikes’, Pakistan Army will not accept any Indian intrusion. The scrambling of jets over Lahore and Islamabad yesterday was part of this and the armed forces are alert and ready to defend against any Indian action.

Kiyani is also said to have told US Michael Mullen that in event of any aggression from India, the US and NATO can ‘forget about’ using Pakistan territory to supply their forces in Afghanistan as all resources will be diverted to defending against India on the eastern border.


31 October, 2008

Time to turn back your clocks!

They say.. 'We cannot stop time but we can atleast turn it back when DST ends.'

Finally daylight saving time(DST) ends in Pakistan after long period of 5 months.
Initially it was intriduced for aperiod of 3 months but later on exceded for 2 more months

It is said 'Saving time = saving energy' but this does not seem to be the case with Pakistan. Although this system was introduced few months back in the name of saving electricity for the country.. but we have encountered even long bitter days of loadshedding during this period!

And it seems as if it was introduced just for a change or to make a fool out of already befooled public.. if not anything else!

19 October, 2008

be positive! for a change..

Pak-Sino ink 11 MoUs ..

BEIJING (Oct 16, 2008): Pakistan & China on Wednesday signed eleven agreements, MoUs and protocols to enhance bilateral co-operation on sound footing in diverse sectors including infrastructure, energy, telecommunication, agriculture, industry, minerals, trade, disaster relief and space technology.

China will also cooperate us in Bhasha and Kohala dams,” said Qureshi, adding that President Zardari would visit the China after every three months. He said Pakistan would soon launch its first communication satellite in collaboration with China.


Hopefully this cooperation is going to boost the economy of Pakistan and will bring he much needed relief to the poverty stricken people.
Although the assured visit of our Pres. to China every 3 months will make us pay for it! but maybe it is for the betterment of our people.. who knows!

I guess we should get into some real business.. something more than the mere promises!
some activity! some work! some result!!

and then we want to see the change!
how are those dams going to change our lives!
how the telecom sector will boost the economy!
will those investments on the agriculture sector provide us enough food!
how is the energy sector going to resolve our major issue of power crisis!

phew! i thought to write something constructive n be positive for a change!
but maybe my mind can not think of somethign positive right now.. and i should give it some time to relax!

06 September, 2008

6 Sept. - a big day?

- Moderate quake hits Pakistan as voting in presidential election begins.. Mild tremors of 5.6 on the richter scale were felt in some parts of Pakistan, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and the adjourning areas.

- Pakistani lawmakers elected Mr. Ten percent as the new president of Pakistan who is marked by corruption and tragedy. People of Pak. are worried about the upcoming scenario of the country. Moreover the foreign friends are also concerned over his unstable mental health.

- Defence day of Pakistan, which has lost its true spirit.