15 March, 2012

Pakistan’s Cultural Treasure documented by Japanese Archaeologist

Sana Jamal

Islamabad – A renowned Japanese professor and archaeologist, Prof. Koji Nishikawa has spend more than two decades to come up with an excellent publication on Pakistan's brilliant chapters of cultural history, titled ‘Ranigat, a Buddhist Site in Gandhara, Pakistan, surveyed 1983-1992’.

The comprehensive report, based on two volumes, is a fine photographic record of the excavations at Ranigat, one of the largest Buddhist sites in Gandhara, illustrating some 2000 rare photographs of excavated objects including sculptures, stone objects, stucco, terracotta, stone reliquary, and stone lamps. Along with rare photographs and scientific research, the Report illustrates   the journey of 10 Japanese experts headed by Prof. Nishikawa as the director of the Kyoto University, Scientific Expedition to Gandhara, who undertook pilot excavation on the site of Ranigat during 1982 and 1992, discovering many Buddhist stupas, shrines and monasteries.

01 March, 2012

Bid to enlist Kalash on the World Heritage List

Efforts to preserve Kalash Culture 

Published in Pakistan Observer

Sana Jamal

Islamabad – To the good fortune of Kalash people, the government of Pakistan has finally moved to take long-awaited measures for the preservation of Pakistan’s rare tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
Following the repeated demands from the endangered community and a comprehensive deliberation held on Wednesday at Lok Virsa, the concerned officials eventually nodded their heads and agreed that Ministry of National Heritage and Integration would propose UNESCO to enroll Kalash on the World Heritage List. The draft proposal will be prepared by 12 member committee supervised by the Federal secretary for national heritage and integration Faridullah Khan. In this regard a second meeting of experts will be held within next two weeks to finalise the document within next 45 days.
Faridullah Khan speaking at the workshop on
Protection of Kalash Heritage in Pakistan.

Speaking at the one-day workshop, Faridullah Khan said that keeping in view “the heritage value and serious threats being posed to the living Kalash Valley, the ministry will introduce a comprehensive plan for safeguarding the endangered heritage of Kalash Valley.” He wished-for a special development package for Kalash people and assured cooperation from the ministry for documentation and preservation of the Kalash culture.