12 August, 2011

Unknown heroes of Pakistani Youth

Published in Pakistan Observer (12 Aug 2011)
Sana Jamal

Islamabad - “Change Our World” – the message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for World Youth Day (Aug 12), is more than a theme; it is an idea to inspire young people at all times. The theme rightly befits the young Pakistani men and women who comprise of more than 60 per cent of the total population and aspire to make a difference with their selfless contribution in the development of their society. From raising awareness and managing organizations to setting up blood banks and running schools; the youngsters, against all odds, are proving their abilities.

Mobisher Rabbani is one of the icons of Pakistan’s patriotic youth who is making every effort to promote Pakistan’s foreign policy, tourism, and culture through quiet diplomacy and using social media tools. He is the founder of ‘The Rabbani Foundation’, a philanthropic organization dedicated to humanity which has successfully carried out projects in UAE, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Philippines, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Mobisher's motto is simple: “We can begin small but why should we think small!”
Pakistan’s prized possession - youth - has been unfortunate to receive due attention of the government as many young people lack the education, freedom and opportunities they deserve. Yet, despite these restraints, young people are gathering in huge numbers to build a better future.

The situation of Baluchistan may seem grim, but Naseem Khan Achakzai, along with his friends is working on a project to educate street and needy children of Baluchistan who have been denied of their basic right to learn. “It is an effort to turn young shimmery buds into beautiful flowers, whose fragrance will enlighten our future generations and make us all proud” said Naseem, the founder of Juvenile Dignitaries.
Another energetic icon of Pakistani youth is Amaan Tareen who believes that “this is the time when Youth of Pakistan can play a key role, just as it played in the making of Pakistan when they became the torch bearers of spreading the message of Quaid i Azam’s to every city and village.” Amaan and his team have been working on a research since 4 years to disclose facts not known to the people of Pakistan. “It includes audio and written material, that will offer solutions to Pakistan’s current problems in Quaid i Azam’s own real voice” told Amaan, a business graduate.