18 August, 2012

Iftar banquet bring delight for SOS Children

Sana Jamal 

Islamabad –With plenty of goodies to eat, the little girls and boys at SOS Children’s home enjoyed a delicious Iftar banquet - a long-awaited moment for orphans and abandoned children which they greeted with a shy smile, donning their best clothes. Ramadan Iftar dinner, organised by the Islamabad Serena Hotel for some 200 orphaned children and staff of SOS Children’s Village in Rawalpindi, was indeed a heartening initiative amidst a blissful Ramadan atmosphere promoting the spirit of giving and sharing. 

As the Iftar time drew near, the children playing on the swings and slide in the garden, slowly made their way into the open area where an array of delicious feasts presented with tasteful d├ęcor was awaiting them. To the surprise of visitors, the children showed remarkable discipline in taking Iftar food items – a sight rarely witnessed even at VIP Iftar parties.

14 August, 2012

Pakistan witnesses Digital Patriotism on Independence Day

Sana Jamal 

Islamabad - As the nation marked its 66th Independence Day with great enthusiasm on Tuesday, many joined the local parades, and festivals, lifting high up the green flag. Official festivities began with flag raising ceremonies after a 31-gun salute echoed in the federal capital. Children dressed in green-colored garb, wearing badges and waving flags were also seen. For some, flag hoisting on rooftops and terraces has become an essential part of the festival. But the times are changing and amid all these traditional celebrations, a new and trendy kind of digital patriotism was witnessed this year with more vehemence. 

A large number of patriots and enthusiasts took to social media to share their collective excitement about various events, posting live comments and making their memorable moments by sharing their photos which was as good as sharing happiness and fun in a real gathering.

Facebook had almost turned green as users have been posting pictures of their own special way of celebrating the Day. “Share the positivity. Appreciate the good that's happening in the country. Stop criticizing Pakistan” read one message on Facebook. Many had a display picture with the Pakistani flag as background. Thanks to the “Go Green movement” pioneered by Farhan Masood and his team, who remained busy changing display pictures of Pakistani Twitter and Facebook users adding a Pakistan flag background.