25 April, 2013

Chambaili to overwhelm Pakistan with fragrance of Hope

'Chambaili: The Fragrance of Freedom' - New movie is expected to spark a wave of Patriotism & mark a new beginning for Pakistani film industry

By Sana Jamal

Islamabad - After decades of absence, seeds of new initiative has been planted in Pakistan’s fading film industry. Chambaili, the sweet-scented flower from the seeds, is all set to bloom on 26 April all over to overwhelm the people by the fragrance of hope.
Film Poster.

There are some flowers, they say, that will not yield their perfume till they are bruised. This seems to be true for the both; the characters and makers of the new Pakistani movie ‘Chambaili’, who had to go through tough times to revel in the fragrance of hope of a better future. “It took blood, sweat and tears of the team to create this idea into a complete film,” tells Shahzad Nawaz, the writer and co-producer of the movie. “Chambaili is a film with a purpose that offers the message of hope” he says at a sneak preview of the film in Islamabad, arranged by Communications Research Strategies (CRS).

Shahzad Nawaz - the man
behind Chambaili.
The film “Chambaili: The Fragrance of Freedom” is about almost everything Pakistanis, of all ages and statuses, have been talking about in recent times, suggest the movie trailers. Reflecting social apathy, the film deals with the greater debate: What is wrong with the system? “There is no fault in the system of Pakistan; it only needs proper implementation in its true spirit” says Nawaz, a passionate and patriotic soul.

“Chambaili is a different kind of love story,” he says before adding: “if you consider loving your country romance.” Love for one’s homeland and taking pride in one’s country is not just a fancy thought but an idea whose time has come, believes Shahzad Nawaz.

21 April, 2013

Bake-a-Bon Week: Little Bakers make delicious Cinnabon treats

Sana Jamal

Islamabad – Fun activities and sweet signature aroma of Cinnabon baked goodies, filled the surrounding of the Centaurus Mall, an hour before the opening time of Mall during last week. The excitement and sweet scent originated from a corner where the school kids were busy making and baking at Cinnabon, the famous American chain of baked goodies. 

Image Courtesy: Cinnabon Facebook Photos
It was ‘Bake-a-Bon’ week at Cinnabon and the little bakers, aptly dressed in chef hats and aprons, appeared as dedicated as the staff, in preparing the world-famous cinnamon rolls of Cinnabon. The mixing, rolling and rising of the dough thrilled the little ones who had a unique learning bakery experience. The chocolate filling and cutting part delighted Mahnoor most. “It was fun spreading chocolate on the dough but the cutting is what I just loved!” says Mahnoor Amir, a young baker. 

Some 20 students of Sheikh Zayed International Academy-Islamabad visited the Cinnabon outlet each weekday. “The visiting students are from pre-school level to grade 8” tells Naima Emad, Vice Chancellor of the School. “I love the idea of letting the kids try their hands on different and creative things” and it was a great learning experience for them. “It is so pleasing to see them having so much fun.”

17 April, 2013

Effective Policing to prevent Extremism

Reforming Pakistan’s Police can help curb Extremism 

Sana Jamal 

ISLAMABAD - A comprehensive state policy along with mechanism to strengthen the police force of Pakistan are the key solutions to tackle extremism, according to a Report launched here on Wednesday. “Despite the surge in terrorist attacks in Pakistan since 2005, there has been no consistent effort to address the problem” to fight the menace of extremism, as indicated by the Extremism Watch Report 2011-12. “If extremism is to be effectively tackled in Pakistan, the police force has to be substantially strengthened and the factors debilitating it removed, the Report suggests.  

16 April, 2013

Graduation Ceremony: Golden day for SAS graduates

Sana Jamal

Islamabad – Excitement and cheer filled the air, with smiling faces everywhere as the proud graduates walked up on stage in their academic regalia to receive their hard-earned degrees on graduation day. The graduation ceremony of the girl students of Saudi Arabian School (SAS) in Islamabad was a joyous occasion – a gathering of graduates, parents, teachers, family and friends to celebrate the achievements of class of 2013. 

07 April, 2013

Cure for Silent Killer ‘Hypertension’ is better lifestyle

Children's Health Conference in Islamabad 

Sana Jamal

Exposing the face of society’s silent killer in their revealing and detailed speeches, the brilliant kids at the Children's Health Conference in Islamabad, seemed more knowledgeable about hypertension than the adults sitting in the audience. Adopting a healthy lifestyle with emphasis on proper nutrition, reducing salt and total fat intake, eating fruit and vegetables a day and regular physical activity can help beat the silent killer, informed the children. 

President Hamdard Foundation Sadia Rashid, VC Hamdard University Hakeem Abdul Manan
and Prof Abdul Hafeez Chaudhry with participants of Children Health Conference.

05 April, 2013

Efforts to uplift Environment on Political Agenda

Sana Jamal

Islamabad – To break the silence of political parties on environmental issues, an interesting dialogue was held in Islamabad that concluded on a hopeful note. The discourse, bringing together top environmental experts and politicians and media representatives, was termed as the beginning of a new era, as all the participants, despite of their professional differences, resolved to take care of the environment in their own capacities.