31 July, 2012

Global Community asked to support Mercury Reduction Treaty

Sana Jamal 

ISLAMABAD – Considering the harmful effects of mercury, a toxic substance, on human life, wildlife, and ecosystems, a Pakistani think tank, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), has called upon the global community to come up with a legally binding global mercury treaty. Expressing its fears, in a statement issued on Monday, the organization noted that the existing important global treaty elements have proven to be weak and
“ineffective in addressing the rising mercury levels and are failing to protect wildlife, ecosystem and human health.” 

10 July, 2012

‘Forests are depleting, foresters are sleeping’

Children worried about Environmental Losses
Sana Jamal

Islamabad – Children at a forum considered ways and means to draw the attention of President and Prime Minister of Pakistan towards ever-increasing environmental degradation in the country. Young mountain conservationists gathered in Islamabad on Tuesday after finishing 10-day long expedition aimed at highlighting environmental issues and measures to realise environment-friendly society. 

“Our forests are depleting fast while the foresters are sleeping, depriving us all of the fresh air and fresh water” remarked Hannan Ahmed, a participant at the summit.