30 December, 2009

No Sunni nor Shia there is only one thing, Islam.

Last two days I have been reading about Shia-Sunni tension, the origin, the base, the rationale on the suggestion of a friend and there are tons of stories available online. It seems like every other person has a new and interesting story to tell.
The shia literature and stories are quite inspiring and this lead me into the world of noha, marsiya and lectures which I thoroughly like to listen and felt serene. However this new fondness was not much appreciated in my circle and they posed questions such as, 'Are you shia?’ ‘You never told that before.'
And it left me totally dumbfounded. I could not come up with an answer but saying I am a Muslim.
But this question that continued to trouble me inside was, what does it mean to be a Shia or a Sunni, why should it matter?