26 May, 2013

Children’s Film Festival captivates Islamabad

86 Brilliant films from 32 Countries

Sana Jamal

To celebrate the world cultures, a first-of-its-kind Children's Film Festival was arranged in the capital city that was an absolute treat for the kids, and film buffs. For children, the festivity was a doorway to the magical world of films that sprinkled little magic, heroism, laughter, honesty that our lives are lacking. The films filled them with hope that things will get better, good can vanquish evil and inspired kids to make all their dreams, however scary, a reality.

25 May, 2013

Kids discover Joys of Reading & Writing at Literary Fest

First-ever Children’s Literature Festival in Islamabad 

Sana Jamal

Islamabad - Braving a burning sun and intense heat wave, hundreds of children arrived at the first-ever Islamabad Children's Literary Festival to celebrate the wonders of literature. Tales of remarkable characters and traditions, playful puppets, ancient art of pottery Making as well as films, music and theatre shows took the kids on an enchanting journey of knowledge.

Featuring various interactive readings, discussions and workshops by famous children’s authors and poets in addition to book launches, book fairs, creative writing and book-making, the first-day of the Literary Fest was a day packed with literature geared for kids from play-school to college level. The festival was also a chance to connect young readers and authors. Young ones were seen going from author to artist to illustrator, eager to learn the craft of storytelling and painting.

17 May, 2013

Pakistani Youth – most effective force for development

Sana Jamal

Islamabad – Pakistan, a country with youth bulge, has an opportunity of a lifetime to plan a healthy and prosperous future by transforming the youth potential into a driving force of development. Yet this prospect of a demographic dividend must be realised swiftly.
“If right investments in young people are not made right away, then the youth bulge will become a demographic bomb,” because a large cohort of frustrated young people would lead to social and political instability. This concern was highlighted by the key speakers at a dialogue session held here in Islamabad.

09 May, 2013

First day of life most risky for Newborns: new Report

Pakistan ranked 139th on the list of best places to be a mother
Pakistan among 10 countries with high newborn death rate

Sana Jamal

The day a newborn open eyes to world is the most anticipated one for the mother and a blissful moment for the whole family. But the first day of life is a delicate time for a newborn as it is often the most risky day of a child’s life, according to a report released this week by the humanitarian group, Save the Children. The 2013 State of the World's Mothers Report (SOWM) titled ‘Surviving the First Day’ reflects how risky the very first day is for many babies and mothers in almost every part of the world. 

Global state of Mothers 

More than one million babies are dying the actual day that they are born - making the baby’s day of birth the most dangerous day of their life nearly every country. The annual Report by the humanitarian organization reveals that two decades of progress on mother and child health has been too slow and uneven over the years. Released around Mother's Day, the report assesses the well-being of mothers and children in 176 countries. Finland, Sweden and Norway top the Mother's Index list (global ranking system for maternal and infant health) while Congo, Somalia and Sierra Leone rank last. This year’s Report contains first ever Birth Day Risk Index with the death rate for babies in their first day of life in 186 countries.

01 May, 2013

First Islamabad Literature Festival: City gleams with Intellectual Energy

Sana Jamal

ISLAMABAD – Day one of the Islamabad Literature Festival (ILF) was an eventful day that brought numerous writers and readers together to celebrate literature in all its delightful forms. Though a literary fest in reality, but there was something for all ages, including book fair and book launches, discussions, readings, poetry recitals, theatre etcetera.

Capital city seemed to gleam with intellectual energy as First Islamabad Literary Festival, on Tuesday, gathered and celebrated authors writing in diverse languages, genres and traditions. Organized by Oxford University Press (OUP), the two-day festival will see 70 speakers and around 35 sessions at Margala Hotel in Islamabad.

Instilling a love for reading among Pakistanis was the basic idea behind the literary festival, said Ameena Saiyid, OUP Managing Director. Instead of a common system or syllabus, what we need is “teacher training, improving curriculum and providing children better quality books to encourage the reading habit” she said. Asif Farrukhi, co-founder of the literary festival, said that literature remains the medium to express the society's feelings and status.