About the Page: 

This page explores the social and cultural life of Islamabad (the capital city of Pakistan) including all the current happenings of the city whether art exhibitions, theatre/plays, social gatherings, concerts, book/music launch, advocacy seminars.. you will find it all here. 

About Islamabad city:

The idea of Pakistan’s capital was to build a model city to reflect the diverse cultures of all the regions of the country. Islamabad, a valley covered with beautiful mountains and lush green vegetation, was selected as the city to represent Pakistan. With wide tree-lined streets, elegant buildings, numerous recreational places, Islamabad is indeed one of the most well-organised cities of Pakistan. It is perhaps the only city of Pakistan, which is laid out on a grid system. 

About the Author:

Sana Jamal is a writer/blogger and a happy Islamabad city dweller. She prefers Google+, finds Facebook messy and Twitter compact, and is inspired by Pinterest.
"Learning about diverse cultures and civilizations is one of my passions and that compels me to explore my city culturally and socially. My life is largely dedicated to books, music, movies, wandering, and nature. I have always been curious to learn and share and I continue to do so through this page."

What Author thinks about the City?

BEFORE: When I shifted to Islamabad back in 2005, I had a different impression of the city. The face of the city seemed pretty gloomy to me as compared to city of lights (Karachi) that I glumly  left behind. Islamabad - a city which sleeps at 10pm and has more trees than people, I thought, was inhabited by either the privileged class or the government office employees - both too busy to care about events, meetings and important decisions taken in the capital of the country. This impression remained affix to some part of my brain for quite a long time until..

AFTER: It took a whole lot of time, several carefree walks around the city and numerous meetings with people to change my first impression. After roaming around the city for the last six months (Sept 2010), I find the city population aka Islooites pretty enthusiastic about seminars, parties, art exhibitions, literary gatherings etcetera. And I realized that the city is not as dreary as I perceived at first. It took some time and careful listening to realize that the heart of the city is thumping fast as the  city dwellers are doing their best to keep the city alive alive with all kinds of activities which I attempt to report about here. Whether it is a seminar by a group of intellectuals, or a protest down the road by distressed public, everyone is fighting their battle for a better life.