21 February, 2013

Islamabad's enormous new Shopping Mall opens its doors

Sana Jamal 

The long wait is over finally for the residents of Islamabad, who can now savour the authentic shopping experience without leaving the city. Hundreds of Islooites flocked to the Centaurus Mall, city’s first genuine shopping mall, as soon as it opened its door for public (last week). Centaurus Mall, located in the heart of Islamabad, is expected to serve as a key shopping destination for the twin cities.

The Centaurus Mall offers quality products in modern, spacious surroundings with the wide range of variety, that would be an exciting experience for few whereas others are delighted that they don’t have to visit other cities for big shopping. “I could only enjoy shopping in a relaxed environment of a shopping mall on my visit to Karachi or Lahore. But now Islamabad city has its own huge shopping mall!” beamed Sadia Rehman, a shopaholic.

18 February, 2013

New Chinese Restaurant opens doors in town

Sana Jamal
Courtesy: Restaurant Facebook page.

Xinhua Capital Restaurant is the new eating place in town that serves Chinese as well as Thai cuisines - a delight for the taste buds. Many a people joined the exclusive opening of the restaurant and to the delight of the visitors, they were offered a few bites of the appetizers - crispy fish fingers and sesame chicken with a bit of sauce.

Located in F-10/3 (at former CafĂ© Eclipse location), though away from the commercial area, the restaurant opening is a good news for the local residents since “Xinhua specifically cater to people in vicinity of F-10 and 11, G-11 and E-11 because all the Chinese restaurants are to be found in Supermarket, Jinnah Super or Blue area,” told Zafar Rahim, co-owner of Xinhua Capital.

11 February, 2013

Photographs of Onart reveal a picturesque Turkey

(Published in Pakistan Observer)

Sana Jamal
Courtesy: Google Images

ISLAMABAD - Viewing Turkey through the lens of Erkut Onart was pleasantly refreshing for many as the photographs reflected a Turkey, culturally rich and diverse. Erkut Onart's photography exhibition titled “Turkey: the land where climates, people and cultures meet” that opened here at Satrang Gallery was attended by art enthusiast and diplomats.

Mr. Onart himself, H.E Babur Hizlan, Ambassador of Turkey, and Faisal Karim Kundi, Deputy Speaker of National Assembly were the chief guests at the occasion. The exhibition is first of the events as part of the cultural activities between Pakistan and Turkey. “2013-2014 would be celebrated as the Cultural Years of Turkey in Pakistan and Pakistan in Turkey to strengthen the ties of the two countries” said the Turkish Ambassador, Babur Hizlan. Faisal Kundi hoped that Pakistani artists would also go to Turkey under the cultural exchange program.

The vibrant photographs, portraying places, people, architecture and landscapes of Turkey, depicted a rich culture full of diversity. “Mr. Onart has truly captured the beauty and spirit of the people and places of Turkey,” said Asma Khan, director of the Gallery. Every photograph allows a glance into nature, ambiance, people and places of different cultures. “Each photo reflects a different region of Turkey and is a great opportunity for Pakistanis to learn about the country” remarked Madame Hizlan.

The exhibition reflects the diversity and richness of the Turkish culture. “It is refreshing and different from what we generally see in Turkish dramas on our (Pakistani) channels” said Ahsan Akhtar, a visitor, who was impressed enough to plan a visit to Turkey.

04 February, 2013

Hope, Love and Care can cure cancer

Sana Jamal

Islamabad – Cancer is a small word that develops a big shock in the mind of the patient. The shock then becomes obvious in patient’s fearful eyes and desperate behaviour, which turns into a nightmare for the whole family. Later the pressure to start a medical treatment that involves surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, is itself frightening enough. However, it has been witnessed that timely cure, proper care and family affection can make the impossible, possible. 
“Love may be the missing factor in the treatment of many diseases. With cancer, for instance, psychological therapy has been shown to have a far greater success rate than any other properly evaluated therapy according to Walter Last, the well-known natural therapist.