05 October, 2010

Poetry book for children launched

Published in Pakistan Observer on 5th Oct. 2010

Islamabad— Zawiya, a literary organisation launched Shehnaz Rauf’s poem book for children titled as ‘Roshni’ at National language Authority (NLA), in Islamabad on Monday.

The author, Shehnaz Rauf, a teacher at OPF College recited a few of her poems at the ceremony and delivered a lecture on the psychology of the children.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Javed (of Allama Iqbal Open University) pointed out that Pakistan lags behind in producing quality literature for children hence there is a dire need to promote the children's literarure industry in the country.

Zawiya’s real spirit, Mehboob Zafar introducing the event appreciated the effort by Shehnaz Rauf saying that very few writers are inclined to writing for children.

Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik, the Rector of International Islamic University chaired the ceremony. Prof. Jaleel Aali, Dr. Inaam-ul-Haq Javed, Hassan Abbas Raza, Ghazzanfar Hashmi and Shabnam Riaz also spoke on the occasion. Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik was of the view that author had written poems in a simple language which showed her understanding of the psychology of children. He asserted that the literary books for children in Pakistan should be in tune with our national and cultural values.

Prof. Jaleel Aali said our writers have never given due importance when it came to writing poetry or prose for children.