04 December, 2010

Ghulam Rasul remembered as people’s painter

Edited version published in Pakistan Observer on 3 Dec. 2010
Sana Jamal
ISLAMABAD: To recall the contribution of Ghulam Rasul in the field of art, a retrospective exhibition was held at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Thursday.
On his first death anniversary, friends and colleagues of Ghulam Rasul remembered him as a people’s painter, a legendary landscape artist and as the one who painted the true picture of Pakistan.

He was more than profound lover of nature and became famous for painting mustard scenes. Painting ordinary human beings was his first love that brought him fame as a legendary art figure of Pakistan and was honoured Presidential Pride of Performance award for Art. He was famous for painting the joys and sorrows of the people with his brush on canvas.

The exhibition includes 40 paintings of Ghulam Rasul which have been put on display at national art gallery. The presentation of his paintings depicted the different aspects of life which varied from colourful streets of Punjab to the height of Karakoram.

A number of his paintings adorn many museums of the world. Famous landscape painter Ghulam Rasul's sudden death in Dec. 2009, at the age of 67 shocked the community of artists and art lovers. He was well-known for his GR signature embossed on each painting which made him one of the most admired and celebrated landscape painters of the country.

Director General PNCA Tauqir Nasir speaking on the occasion said that GR was not only an eminent artist but also a friend of the organization (PNCA) which he headed till 2002. While sharing one of his meetings with Ghulam Rasul Taquqir said “GR was like an art academy in his person. I have learned a lot under his guidance.”

Argentinean Ambassador, Rodolfo Martin Saravia called Ghulam a tremendous artist and personality whose death was a national loss. He said he felt honoured to have one of the paintings of Ghulam which he intends to take to Argentina with him.

GR’s family was also present at the occasion. His daughter and grand-daughter also shared a few words about him with the audience.

“He was the only landscape painter of Pakistan who painted in new impressions” said Dr. Arjumand Faisal, an artist and curator of gallery 6. He told the audience that Ghulam’s specialization was print making. Sharing his friendly moments with Ghulam, he said “at a time when all his colleagues were overwhelmed by ideas of West in their paintings, GR painted the true picture of Pakistan.” He said Ghulam Rasul’s painting have a special feeling with a magical touch.