08 February, 2011

‘Spread Peace through Love’

Sana Jamal

ISLAMABAD: Jharoka Art Gallery is currently showcasing some of the exquisite art works by M. H. Sulehri whose theme of the work is largely centered on nature. The vibrant colours and striking images in the painting exhibition titled ‘Spread Peace through Love’ are indeed a treat for the art lovers of the twin cities. The solo show displaying 21 paintings and portraying peace and love through rich colour palette will continue at Jharoka till February 10.

The artist has brilliantly depicted serenity and love through prominent colours, flowers and human figures. The paintings give the impression of flowers or perhaps a beautiful garden if viewed from a distance, however on closely observing the flowers one can clearly make our a human face hidden in the flowers which signifies that human race and the Mother Nature have a bonding.

As an artist, Sulehri was always inspired by nature and believes that whenever we are faced with any problem, Mother Nature is always there to give us strength find peace and serenity in hustle bustle of everyday life.
“Peace and Love are two things that are badly needed in our world today,” explained Sulehri who has explored the themes of serenity and love in his recent collection. “Artists are extra sensitive about what is happening around them” and through their art, they try to explore ways of countering pessimism and send out positive images of life by painting on themes such as peace and love, Sulehri maintained.

“This is Sulehri’s second solo exhibition at Jharoka Art Gallery, in which he has wonderfully captured the beauty of nature offering peace and harmony through love” said Nahida Raza, curator of Jharoka gallery.

Sulehri has artfully used the large canvases to express his feelings through figures and flowers depicting harmony and love. In today’s chaotic times, peace and harmony is perhaps the key ingredient to happiness which can only be achieved if we are closer to Mother Nature and this is apparently the message in the paintings of Sulehri.