14 August, 2011

World Record for Most People Singing Pakistan National Anthem

More than 5800 patriotic Pakistanis gathered in Karachi city to sing “Pak Sar Zameen” (Pakistan's National Anthem) to mark Pakistan’s 64th independence day and set a new world record.

Before Pakistan, Philippine had the world record where 5248 citizens had sung their national anthem on 1 September 2009. It’s beaten by a number of 5800+ Pakistanis singing the anthem, claimed the organizers.
Abid Beli, along with his friends organized the record breaking attempt using Facebook and Twitter, mainly through this page. These words of Beli signify his high hopes: "We will show the world that Pakistanis can do anything. We are not weak and we are not what many people think of us. We can stand any test of time and are willing to work for the cause of Pakistan".
At last the efforts of the people worked, as thousands of people gathered around in a stadium in Karachi to sing the national anthem simultaneously and they succeeded at last. It was all over news that, Pakistanis have  made a world record for the most number of people singing a national anthem on 14 August 2011.

According to Express Tribune, "the record itself will be unofficial until formally recognized by Guinness World Records." But the people who attended the event were sure that they have set the world record. Awab Alvi, a known blogger who was also present at the gathering wrote: "I believe we all were successul (in creating the record), now the only hurdle is that the Guinness World Record accepts the attempt. All we need now is more positive energy to help Pakistanis keep their chin up high." 
The enthusiastic participants offered hearty congratulations to Abid Beli and his team for his brilliant attempt to break the Pakistan National Anthem World Record and to all Pakistanis.

News clip on Geo News.
Video of the complete anthem record.
Video of News clip on the event.