25 April, 2013

Chambaili to overwhelm Pakistan with fragrance of Hope

'Chambaili: The Fragrance of Freedom' - New movie is expected to spark a wave of Patriotism & mark a new beginning for Pakistani film industry

By Sana Jamal

Islamabad - After decades of absence, seeds of new initiative has been planted in Pakistan’s fading film industry. Chambaili, the sweet-scented flower from the seeds, is all set to bloom on 26 April all over to overwhelm the people by the fragrance of hope.
Film Poster.

There are some flowers, they say, that will not yield their perfume till they are bruised. This seems to be true for the both; the characters and makers of the new Pakistani movie ‘Chambaili’, who had to go through tough times to revel in the fragrance of hope of a better future. “It took blood, sweat and tears of the team to create this idea into a complete film,” tells Shahzad Nawaz, the writer and co-producer of the movie. “Chambaili is a film with a purpose that offers the message of hope” he says at a sneak preview of the film in Islamabad, arranged by Communications Research Strategies (CRS).

Shahzad Nawaz - the man
behind Chambaili.
The film “Chambaili: The Fragrance of Freedom” is about almost everything Pakistanis, of all ages and statuses, have been talking about in recent times, suggest the movie trailers. Reflecting social apathy, the film deals with the greater debate: What is wrong with the system? “There is no fault in the system of Pakistan; it only needs proper implementation in its true spirit” says Nawaz, a passionate and patriotic soul.

“Chambaili is a different kind of love story,” he says before adding: “if you consider loving your country romance.” Love for one’s homeland and taking pride in one’s country is not just a fancy thought but an idea whose time has come, believes Shahzad Nawaz.

It is perhaps the first film in decades to base its narrative on power and politics and in this way can really touch the hearts and minds of Pakistanis eager to see a change in traditional society. Elections 2013 is what makes the film most germane.

The fragrance of Chambaili - also the national flower of Pakistan – is expected to mark a new beginning for the film industry and spark a wave of patriotism. Announcing their alliance with the film, Aniq Zafar, CEO of CRS said that the film highlights some critical issues and hoped “it will be a step forward in revival of Pakistani cinema.”

Chambaili is the story of a visionary group of youngsters, of a country called Mulke Khudadad, who continue to follow their dreams and embark on a journey to defeat despair, steering through chaos, to harness a positive change and create a better future for all. This story of hope, courage and hopefulness, has been jointly produced by Coup D’Etat Films and Seventh Sky Entertainment.

The film would be released in 26 multiplexes and cineplexes in the county on 26 April, says Shahzad Nawaz, the man behind Chambaili, who has also acted in the film and penned some of the lyrics. The film stars Mehreen Syed, Umair Rana, Maira Khan, Salmaan Peerzada, Shafqat Cheema. Ismail Jillani is the director and Najam Shiraz is the music director of the film.

Nawaz came all the way from Karachi, to offer the message of hope and patience. “Please watch the movie with patience” he advises.

Image Courtesy - Chambaili Fcaebook Page