14 August, 2011

Happy Independence day to all Pakistanis!

Jashan e Azaadi mubarak!
Wake up Pakistan.. shrug off the guilt.. Get back to work and rise and shine..
A beautiful tomorrow awaits you !

Sharing some worth reading messages that I came across today :

Wajahat Malik:
Pakistan Today..
Pakistan, your hair are dripping with the stinking flood waters
your eyes are red with the extremist’s rage
your nose is dripping with the snot of bigotry
and your teeth are yellow with the stains of corruption.
Pakistan, please wash your face
brush your teeth, wipe your nose
and straighten your beautiful hair.
The sun is shining outside
It’s a new day...

Back then, we were just an Idea. An Idea, that inspired a movement. A Movement, that inspired a resolution. A resolution, that achieved the impossible. AND WE WERE BORN :)

Exploring Lahore:
Pakistan sirf tab Zindabad hoga jab hum sab isko Paindabad banane ki koshish karainge.. like those ppl did ♥ Happy Independence Day to all :)

Tabish Qayyum:
More than "Azaadi" remind yourself the price paid for it. More than celebrations remember the martyrs for the cause. More than satisfaction remind yourself for the ambition and destiny that awaits. More than the purpose, reclaim the vision. Fortifying Ideological boundaries is what needs to be done, rest will be protected by the one who made this journey continue for 64 years, and he is the one who will take us ahead - Thank you ALLAH SWT ! for "Piara Pakistan

Ahmed Quraishi:
A glorious Independence Day to
all Pakistanis. From Gwadar to Kashmir
and from Karachi to Korakoram, this nation
knows itself and its place in history:
A resilient and ambitious people, inheritors
of great empires and cultures, and owners
of a great future. All we need is to kick
pygmies to the side and take charge.

Ali Amjad:
mery watan k udas logo,
na khud ko itna haqeer smjho,
k koi tm sy hisab mangay,
khahishon ki kitab mangay.
na khud ko itna qalil smjho,

k koi uth k yh kahay tm sy,
wafain apni hmain lauta do,
watan ko apny hmain thama do.
utho aur uth kr bta do un ko,

k hm han ehl e emaan saray,
na hm mai koi sanam kada hai,
hamaray dil mai to ek khuda hai,
jhukay saroo'n ko utha kr daikho,
qadam to agy brha kr daikho,
ha ek taqat tumharay sir pr,
qadam qadam py jo sath dy gi,
agr giray to sambhal lay gi..